Ruby Gemstone Benefits, Care and Features

Published: 13th May 2011
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Ruby gemstone is associated with love, passion and zodiac Leo. The connection with love is through its red color, which is also associated with all love matters. It is one of the most magnificent gemstones on the earth. Some of the clear rubbies are even more precious than diamonds.

Ruby has a long connection with India and Indian culture. Indian literature has explicit details on this gemstone. Even the word 'corundum' that is used with ruby gemstone is derived from a Sanskrit word 'kuruvinda' and in Sanskrit Ruby is known as 'ratnaraj' meaning 'king of the gemstones'.

If you will wear ruby gemstone on the left side of the body in the form of ring, bracelet or brooch then it will protect you from evil thoughts. Ruby is recommended in case the position of Sun is weak in the horoscope.

Ruby Gemstone Benefits
It is the stone of Sun that signifies courage, power and father. So ruby has all these benefits. If a person has a positive effects of Sun in his or her life then he or she will be optimistic and royal. They will be very confident and get all the success in life. But if the position of Sun is not good or it is afflicted by hostile planets then one can have defects in eye and concentration. He or she may not perform well in his or her career. There will be many ups and downs in life and one can also suffer from heart problems. In certain situations wearing ruby gemstone is very helpful to overcome all these obstacles in life.

Color is the most important feature of ruby gemstone that signifies love, strong feelings, life of mankind and warmth. So it expresses love like no other stone can.

This stone has a healing effects on heart as it works with the blood flow. It kills the germs and reduces the infection.

It brings wealth, wisdom and health to the people born in July and who are cancerians.

Ruby is the 15th and the 40th marriage anniversary stone.

It also cures ulcer, boils and insomnia.

According to numerology ruby gemstone is associated with number 1, so if you are born on 1 then this might be the stone for you. People born on 9th, 19th and 28th of any month comes under 1. It is for good luck and to get success through your efforts. It also gives power to earn.

For best ruby benefits the weight of the stone should not be less than 2 carats and it should be set in either gold or bronze.

Ruby Care
Ruby is a very hard and a durable stone so it is not that difficult to care for this gemstone. But if you are working with chemicals then do not wear it. Store ruby in a fabric instead of keeping it directly in a box. It should not be kept with other stone.

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